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"Just let me get through this day!"

We all have our own ways of "getting through the day." Below are some ways that fellow sufferers find empowering, uplifting, energizing, or just plain relaxing!


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Flare up

I am Diane and I am an 18 year old from the U.S.
I ran for about two teeks against the wishes of my parents and my doctor because I wanted to and, I started flaring up two days ago. I know my body cant handle any stress but I want so bad to lose some weight for summer, so I began to run. After the first couple of days of taking it slow, I sped up. To my surprise, I didnt get sick...that is until about four days ago, I got tired. I knew right away that it was a bad sign. You know that when you start getting exhausted feeling way before bed time, that you're getting sick. I ran that day anyway because I didnt want to lose the ability. The next day, I ran a lot at the fastest speed I could manage, over and over again. (Terrible, I know.) I felt weak afterwards but, I also felt really proud of myself. I ended up going to bed a little late that night too. The next day I woke up tired, my muscles hurt, and I felt drained. I knew I had to take a break from running, so I did. I noticed I was starting to get an ulcer under my breast and on my bottom. I knew extra sleep was now crucial but, I had to get up at 3 am the next morning because of a school spirit event that I had to attend because I was in charge of the mascot. Anyway, I woke up the next day at 3 am with what I call "fake energy." I was so stressed because I had so many things to do before I was to be picked up and in very little time that I was wired with shaky, anxious energy. I drank a Red Bull, against the law I set for myself to not ever drink anymore energy drinks. (They are terrbile for you. They make me shaky, and anxious, and icky feeling.) The event lasted til school started then, after school I had a meeting for Relay for Life. I made it through the whole day and wasnt exhausted. I noticed, however, that I had three ulcers on my face, three now under my breast, one on my finger, and the one on my bottom was getting really big. I was worried and tired when I came home so I slept but, only for an hour. Then stayed up til 12 am. During that time I felt sluggish but not exhausted, like I normally do when I get sick. I shot myself with enbrel a day early to help myself. I became sad about getting sick again and cried a little. Before I went to bed I found something scary on my eye. It looks like a definate scratch right by my iris. That eye had been watering like mad all day and now I knew why. It scared me so much that since I am getting sick now, it will turn into an ulcer and Id lose my vision. Eventually I was cheered up my sister and then went to bed. Today I woke up at eight. I have a stye in my eyelashes on my left eye, the scratch is still as it was but, all my ulcers are healed! I put a cold compress on my eye and my stye got smaller. All I have now is the scratch, a little sluggishness, and a stye. I am so greatful. I wont ever run like a did before. Its not worth being sick and scared over. Ever since I started enbrel, my flare ups have started quickly and ended abruptly. I have been as tired as I usually get either! Before I wouldnt be able to do anything but lay in bed. I couldnt focus, or move.
Another amazing thing is that I didnt catch the last virus that made its round through my sisters!! That has never happened before in my whole life!! (I have had BD since birth) A virus in the house and I didnt catch it!! Amazing! I owe it all to enbrel. If youre stuck and think there is no other medicine out there, mention enbrel to your doctor. I have been on it for a while now and I feel amazing.Date Created: 4/25/2009
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