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"You couldn't possibly understand unless you had Behcet's."

We hope you enjoy the notes, stories, poems and comments from our readers
that only a fellow Behcet's sufferer could understand!


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You know you have Behçet?s Disease when?

Cathy Fornabaio
1. You have your doctor?s number on your speed dial

2. Your doctor has your number on speed dial
3. Your pharmacist has your doctor?s number memorized

4. You get a holiday card from this pharmacist (maybe it is the $40,000 worth of business you give him within a year)

5. You have more close contact with one of your specialists than you have with your own partner

6. You know more than most of your doctors about your disease and how to treat it

7. You plan your schedule around your doctor?s hours

8. In the ER you tell them what is wrong and how to treat it

9. The staff on the ER knows you by face and/or name

10. The staff in your doctor?s office knows your voice before you say who you are

11. Someone asks you how to spell your disease you say ?H-E-L-L?

12. Unless you get a call from a fellow BDer, the phone doesn?t ring

13. You look in the mirror and don?t even
recognize yourself with ?moon face?

14. At a family wedding no one says hello to you because they think you are someone?s date (there?s that moon face again)

15. You cry at the Hallmark commercials (too much Prednisone)

16. Your 4 year-old tells his little friend that his mom has ?railroad tracks? all over her body (those nasty Prednisone stretch marks)

17. Your 4 year-old corrects you as you sing a song and tells the listener it is ?brain fog?

18. You go to a chronic illness support group and after explaining BD, the group seems almost grateful to only have Lupus or MS

19. You go to a small town ER and they refuse to treat you because they never heard of BD and no doctor there has either

20. You are in the hospital a team of 10 med-students and 5 doctors are constantly coming in to observe and ask questions
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