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The primary activity of Simba's Fund is the information and the dissemination of knowledge inherent in Behcet's disease, together with the support and defense of the rights of patients and their families. The mission is implemented through its internet channels and widely spread through their regional representatives.

Ass. Française de Behçet


L'Association Françaises de la Maladie de BEHCET, régie par la loi de 1901, à été créée par des malades afin de faire connaître et reconnaître la Maladie de Behçet par le corps médical et les administrations concernées.

As. Española de Behçet


Promover la agrupación de todos los pacientes, familiares, profesionales e interesados para poder trabajar de forma coordinada en las posibles soluciones y facilitar el reconocimiento de la enfermedad.

UK Behçet's Syndrome Society


The Behçet's Syndrome Society was formed in 1983 by Judith Buckle (1950-1997).

The Vasculitis Foundation


The Vasculitis Foundation (formerly the Wegener's Granulomatosis Association) was founded in 1986 by Marilyn Sampson, a Wegener's patient and registered nurse.

China Behcet's Patient Association


Support for people living with Behcet's Syndrome in China

Behcet yhteisö Finland


We are a group of Finnish Behcet's Disease patients. We have gathered information about the disease, and our experiences with it on our website in finnish. On the website you can find contact info for our peer support person, that has been trained by the Finnish Rheumatism Association to help with arising questions. You may also sign up on the postal list on Harvinaiset-verkosto to get a magazine and updates on events and rehabilitation on the rare rheumatic disease/Behcet's Disease area.

 Behcet's Turkey







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Behcet's Korea


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