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Welcome to the Behcet's Chat Room

This chat room was created for anyone that is dealing with Behcet's Disease. The room is called "behcets". All are welcome to share, learn, support, cry, laugh, and/or just get to know each other. The room was created for the sole benefit and use of Behcet's patients and their caregivers, friends, family members, and interested physicians. Anyone dealing with Behcet's Disease is welcome to use this room and can arrange their own time schedules to meet if they like.




The following hours are hosted by volunteers in the International Behçet's community.  As such, you will usually find someone in the chat room during these hours. 

Please remember that the chat room is available around the clock. 
The hosted chats on this schedule are merely a way to coordinate group chat times for friendship and support within our community. Please note that the chatroom is open 24 hours a day for anyone who wishes to use it! 

Join us!

(Under 30 Chat)


U.S. Eastern:
3pm to 6pm

U.S. Central:
2pm to 5pm

U.S. Mountain:
1pm to 4pm

U.S. Western:
12 Noon to 3pm

UK Mainland
8pm to 11pm

Japan (Thursday):
5am to 8am

U.S. Eastern:
4pm to 7pm

U.S. Central:
3pm to 6pm

U.S. Mountain:
2pm to 5pm

U.S. Western:
1pm to 4pm

UK Mainland
9pm to (Sun) 12am

Japan (Sunday):
6am to 12 Noon

Those on other continents are welcome to join any time or set their own meeting times.

Special Note about Time zones:
The chat schedule is translated for some other continents or countries. As you can see, the time is not really convenient for some people. For those that live in these or other areas, you are more than welcome to join our chat night. If anyone has any suggestions; or if you feel there is enough demand to organize another chat schedule for your area, please contact Deb Kleber at:

We will gladly post additional schedules on this page.

NO complicated registrations, passwords or downloads required.  Just enter a name you wish to be known by and the rest is optional. If you wish to be known by one chatter name, if possible, please use this name every time you enter the room. This allows regular chatters to get to know one another.  We try to keep a chatter name list.  We have found it nice getting to know each other but this is optional.  No one will force you to discuss anything you do not wish to.  This chat room does require a Java enabled browser.

©2004 All Rights Reserved. This chat room was not created for, or by, any organization or company. The ABDA donated its use for this service to Behcet's patients, but had no role in setting up the chat room, and has no involvement in its administration. It was created as an independent place for anyone dealing with Behcet's Disease, and is open to all. If you have any problems using the Yahoo chat room or the Yahoo Chat Package, you will need to contact Yahoo for support. These instructions have been voluntarily provided only as an aid for new users that wish to use the "Behcets" chat room. If you have a specific question that cannot be answered by Yahoo, you may email it to