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Donate to the ABDA

Your donation will help the ABDA with advocacy efforts, awareness, education and research. The ABDA is run by volunteers.  Our organization survives solely through donations. 

Suggestions for individual and corporate donations-

  • Make a gift donation in honor or in memory of someone special.
  • Build an Honor Wall or Memory Wall for someone you love. Donations can be accepted on-line through your wall. Other visitors can post their tributes as well!
  • Specify your desire to donate to the ABDA through a work donation via the United Way.
  • Give the gift of membership for someone’s birthday, anniversary etc. A card will be sent to the recipient telling them about your generous donation on their behalf.
  • Donate to the ABDA in lieu of holiday gifts, wedding gift, wedding favors.
  • Donate stock assets. This includes using assets that you may no longer want, yet on which you do not want to pay capital gains associated with them. Examples are life insurance, stocks, bonds, and property.
  • Planned gift donations. These donations are made as part of your overall financial plan. Planned gifts include wills, life income agreements, and charitable trusts.
  • Matching gifts. Increase your donation with employer matching funds. Many employers will match your personal donation. Check with the company for more information.

We encourage you to consult your financial or legal advisor. To learn more about planned gifts and gifted appreciated securities, please call the ABDA at 1-800-7-BEHCETS. You can also contact us  for more information. Remember, the ABDA is vital to so many with this disease.

Thank you for considering the ABDA in your future gift giving.