Medical Advisory Board


JORGE BORDENAVE, MD - Director, Cardiology and Integrative Medicine. Phone: (305)462-2444

KENNETH T. CALAMIA, MD, FACR - CEO Mayo Clinic Health System
Administrative Medicine/Rheumatology. Phone: (912)283-3030

DAVID P. FIVENSON, MD - Dermatology PLLC. Phone: (734)222-9630

DESMOND KIDD, MD, MRCP - Royal Free Hospital Professor of Neurology. Phone: 011-020 7794 0500 ext. 38245

JOHANNES NOWATZKY, MD, FACR - The Center for Musculoskeletal Care
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases Behcet's Syndrome Center Phone: (646)501-7400

DELFIN SANTOS, MD, FACR - Director, Rochester Rheumatology. Phone: (248)852-2277.

ANDREW SULICH, MD, FACR - Shores Rheumatology. Phone: (586)777-7577

JOSE VAZQUEZ, MD, FACP, FIDSA - Section Chief and Professor, Section of Infectious Diseases Georgia Regents University. (706)-721-2941

YUSUF YAZICI, MD, FACR - The Center for Musculoskeletal Care,
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases. Phone: (646)501-7400