Originally known as the American Behcet's Foundation, the organization was established in 1978 in Orange County, CA, by Sheila Gregory, the mother of a young Behcet's patient. The name of the organization has changed throughout the years, but its mission of support, education, advocacy and research continues. In 1986 the organization was moved to Rochester, MN. In 1987, it was incorporated as a nonprofit organization under the name of American Behcet's Association (ABA). The Medical Advisory Board was established in 1988. The Internal Revenue Service granted 501(c)3 nonprofit status to the ABA in 1989. The name was changed to American Behcet's Disease Association (ABDA) in 1989, with the purpose of clarifying the nature and mission of the organization.

Presently, the ABDA business office is located in Rochester, Michigan. Our Correspondence and Database Coordinator is located in New York and volunteer Executive Board members and Behcet's community members are scattered throughout the country.

ABDA's tax returns can be accessed on Guidestar through this link: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/41-1579632 



The ABDA supports, educates and empowers the Behcet’s community, while continuously advocating for better research, diagnostics, treatment and a cure.