The American Behcet's Disease Association advocates for policies affecting the lives of patients and their families. Our efforts aim to affect change, actively work on proposals to protect and improve key policies at the local, state and federal levels and ultimately improve patient outcomes and quality of life. Addressing issues such as access to care, treatment innovations, research and healthcare policies, the voice of patients in policy and treatment development is of utmost importance. As patient partners, we encourage the community to reach out to elected officials through "call to action" initiatives.

Call to action

Let My Doctors Decide is a national partnership of leaders across health care in support of step therapy reform in dozens of states. Please send a message to your legislators encouraging them to support the Safe Step Act. Find legislators here:

Access the template to write to your legislators hereSafe Step Act Advocacy Letter

Alternatively, if you’re unable to mail a letter, fill one out on line by clicking on "Support the Safe Act"