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Advocacy and Awareness

Celebrating Behcet's Awareness Day, May 20, 2019

Advocates, patients, friends, ABDA Medical Advisory Board members and Celgene Corporation have been instrumental for their help in a video to raise awareness of Behcet's Disease. Watch the video here:…/

May is Behcet's Awareness Month and Vasculitis Awareness Month. Beth Howe, a patient and advocate, will raise awareness of Behcet’s Disease through  a radio broadcast on 95.9, The River, on Tuesday, May 21, at 8:20 am CT. Tune in at :


Paige Wyant is raising awareness through an article she wrote about Behcet's Disease. Paige is the Chronic Illness Editor at The Mighty. She lives with an autoimmune disease and is passionate about helping others share their health journeys and connect with one another. Read Paige's article here:
Cindy Todd ran a 5K for Behcet's Disease awareness and Vasculitis awareness in Los Angeles at the end of March. Cindy has BD. Last year, she raised awareness by backpacking from South Lake (near Bishop, California) to Dusy Basin in the Sierra Nevada’s in 2.5 weeks. We're truly proud of Cindy's efforts and grateful for her support!
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